IrisLab was born from a union between Bianca and Davide, two professional photographers who, one day, decided to join their professional and private lives.

After a degree in Sociology in Italy and a Masters Degree in Mass Communication in the US, Bianca worked as a video-maker for leading broadcasting companies in Italy, such as Mediaset and RAI. She is a globetrotter. Wherever she goes, her video and photo cameras are always with her. Bianca likes to tell stories and during her travels in Latin America and India she made ​​several documentaries that were broadcasted on RAI and Mediaset.
Then cames love, children, and a project …

Being very passionate about music, Davide started shooting music video clips and understood quite soon that video was the artistic medium through which he could best express his talent. Throughout his 20 years of experience, he has been the author and director of numerous video productions mainly developing his professionalism in the music and documentary fields. His work gave him the opportunity to travel throughout the world, while being in charge of international video projects.
Then cames love, children, and a project …

IrisLab was founded in 2010. The word IRIS refers to the iris, the lens aperture, of the camera, but also recalls the beautiful flower, the iris of the eye and the femininity of so many female names. Lab is the abbreviation for laboratory. The union of these concepts indicates sensitivity, technology, professionalism but also continuous experimentation and innovation; these are the fundamental characteristics which define the way IrisLab works. Over time, IrisLab expanded by involving coworkers who embrace the same philosophy.

The reportage and artistic style defines the identity of IrisLab photography and video. The goal of our work is to capture the excitement, the joy, the emotion and spontaneity that are released on such a special day. IrisLab realizes personalized services aimed at telling the unique and individual story of each couple, the atmosphere, the personality and the style that distinguish each single wedding.